Cloud Adoption Framework AWS

Cloud adoption framework AWS helps you plan and implement a systematic approach to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud. It also provides you with a set tools to ensure that your migration is efficient and smooth to maximize business benefits and minimizing the risk.

Cloud migration is a complicated and time-consuming procedure, especially for organizations that are new to cloud computing. In addition, a majority of migrations fail or become expensive because of a lack of a clear strategy, poorly managed changes security and compliance risks, inadequate resource allocation, and other issues. However, with a cloud adoption strategy in place, you can prevent these issues and ensure your business’s success in the cloud.

The cloud adoption framework, developed by AWS Professional Services, offers an action plan to identify the key areas of your business that must be updated to transition to cloud. It is based on best practices and the lessons gained from thousands of successful cloud migrations. It includes six perspectives–business, people, governance, platform, security, and operations–that help you manage your cloud transformation.

This helps you design a solid plan for cloud adoption, speedily overcome in-house knowledge gaps and deploy software in different environments. It also allows you to save money through cost control by optimizing cloud infrastructure and application. It also reduces business risk as well as enables agility and accelerates innovation. Its benefits are immense. It also allows your company to expand into new markets, reach more customers, and increase revenues.